FOUND – Exclusive Q&A with Timothy Hutton, Dean Devlin, John Rogers & Chris Downey (Part 2)

[episode originally posted on July 25, 2012, here’s the original placeholder]

Welcome back, grifters! We’re proud to present the second half of the exclusive Leverage Q&A held earlier this year. In case you need a refresher, on June 9th, 2012, Leverage hosted a special screening of episode 405, “The Van Gogh Job”, followed by a star-studded panel discussion with Academy Award Winner Timothy Hutton (Nate Ford), Dean Devlin (Executive Producer), John Rogers & Chris Downey (Co-creators and executive producers). This podcast is the audio recording of the second half of the Q&A. The first half is also available for download as a podcast in case you missed it. Enjoy! And keep an eye out for our upcoming Season 5 podcasts where we’ll once again be answering your fan questions on the latest season!

[Thank you very much to Amy Sutedja for tracking this episode down and getting it to me!]

What is this?

I’m a fan of Leverage (RIP), and I noticed that the behind-the-scenes podcast wasn’t working any more, after someone posted a request for it. I still had copies in my iTunes, and I’m posting them here. This is an unofficial mirror / archive.

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515 – The Long Goodbye Job

Happy holidays, Grifters! As this podcast was recorded before the episode aired, we have taken it upon ourselves to ask co-creators and executive producers John Rogers and Chris Downey some questions on your behalf. We hope you enjoy, and thank you so much for supporting Leverage for five wonderful seasons!

514 – The Toy Job

For this Leverage Christmas Special, executive producers and co-creators John Rogers and Chris Downey are joined by staff writer Jenn Kao to answer all your questions! And don’t forget to tune in on Christmas Day at 10/9c for the epic Leverage 5 season finale — only on TNT!

512 – The White Rabbit Job

For this mind-bending episode, co-creators and executive producers John Rogers and Chris Downey are joined by co-producer and writer of this episode, Geoffrey Thorne, and for the first time, by co-producer and VFX producer (and head of post-production) Mark Franco! Pull back the curtain and listen to how The White Rabbit Job came to be!

511 – The Low Low Price Job

Executive Producers and co-creators John Rogers and Chris Downey were joined by Aldis Hodge (Alec Hardison), writer of this episode Rebecca Kirsch, and Tawnia McKiernan, director of this episode, to answer your questions live on the Google+ Hangout immediately after the episode aired. Now, you can download the audio as a podcast!

510 – The Frame Up Job

To answer all your questions in the last podcast of the summer season, co-creators and executive producers John Rogers and Chris Downey are joined by story editor Jeremy Bernstein, who also co-wrote this episode — along with co-producer Geoffrey Thorne.