MISSING – Exclusive Q&A with Timothy Hutton, Dean Devlin, John Rogers & Chris Downey (Part 2)

[I’m missing this episode!]

[2019-02-23 edit, this episode is now found!]

Welcome back, grifters! We’re proud to present the second half of the exclusive Leverage Q&A held earlier this year. In case you need a refresher, on June 9th, 2012, Leverage hosted a special screening of episode 405, “The Van Gogh Job”, followed by a star-studded panel discussion with Academy Award Winner Timothy Hutton (Nate Ford), Dean Devlin (Executive Producer), John Rogers & Chris Downey (Co-creators and executive producers). This podcast is the audio recording of the second half of the Q&A. The first half is also available for download as a podcast in case you missed it. Enjoy! And keep an eye out for our upcoming Season 5 podcasts where we’ll once again be answering your fan questions on the latest season!

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